Sense of Spring

At last I sense the lovely spring, the Sun has broken through, the snow is melting and nearly gone. Outside I hear and see small trickling streams of water everywhere. And soon the first Snowdrops and Crocus flowers will appear, to say hello once again after a long and cold winter.

Suddenly the world is coming alive, in just a month or two the trees will be green, the grass even greener, and summer temperatures will be here again.

I love this time of year; like I’ve been asleep a long time, and at last wake up to life. The brighter days are back once more, and I’m soaking up the light, refilling and recharging my batteries after the long, dark and cold winter.

Even my cat seems more content, staying out longer, stretching on her back in the snow that is left, making herself as cute as can be.

I dream of having my own garden, where I can relax and do what I love; plant rose bushes and all kinds of flowers, grow apple trees and strawberries. Perhaps in a not too distant future I will move to such a place, and fulfill my dream; one of my goals in life.

~ Khara


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