Thoughts of a Proud Era

Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong century. I’ve always admired the native Americans of old, their freedom and their knowledge of nature. I can only imagine how it was to really feel that freedom, to sit on horseback, feel the wind in the hair and just ride across enourmous fields, and shouting at the wind, chase a giant herd of bison, aim with my bow and arrow and, boom, there’s food for a month! 🙂

Or sit quietly by a creek in the evening, look at the first stars emerging in the sky, the glow of the campfire, and dream of the spirit world; speak to the tribe’s Shaman, learn of his wisdom, feel connected with the spirits and be close to nature; listen to the sounds around me, the quiet trickle of the creek, maybe a faint breeze through the grass; try my luck at fishing, and listen to the horses neighing in the corral, the crackling fire and people speaking in low voices. Children laughing and playing while dinner is being made,  meat cooking on the fire. The smells of food mixing with scents of grass and wild flowers, and those smells again mixing with that of freshly carved bison skins, blankets that which will keep us warm in winter.

Then all are gathered around the fire eating, drinking, laughing, and there exist no boundaries. They are people of Nature, of Mother Earth. They dance and give thanks to the spirits of nature and of their ancestors for helping them in their daily life. They honour the elders, and live in harmony with nature, taking only what’s needed, and had great respect for each other, men and women.

I love the movie “Dances With Wolves” with Kevin Costner. It tells a wonderful, heartbreaking story and it goes straight to my soul every time I watch it. The end is tragic, marking the end of the free life for many native Americans, a proud people with a great cultural heritage now gone forever. Some Indian reservations exist, but the freedom of the huge prairie is gone. It’s terribly moving when the shaman asks the Lieutenant, “How many white men will come?”, and the Lieutenant answers, “As many as the stars above”. The white man’s coming marked the end of the native Americans as we know them from the old history books. So sad. I wish I could talk to a Shaman one day, to have even just a small share of his wisdom. That would have been a truly great experience; a dream come true.

The Ten Commandments of the Native Americans:

  1. Treat the Earth and all that dwells therein with respect.
  2. Remain close to the Great Spirit.
  3. Show great respect to your fellow beings.
  4. Work together for the benefit of all mankind.
  5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
  6. Do what you know to be right.
  7. Look after the well-being of mind and body.
  8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
  9. Be truthful and honest at all times.
  10. Take full responsibility for your actions.

I think these commandments are truly beautiful. The world should live by these rules even today, in 2012.

Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.
— Chief Seattle, 1854


Pathfinder Khara 🙂

This Momento – Pax vobiscum (Peace be with you)

This moment my soul wants to fly far, far away on the wind home, and it is longing and hoping to find its star family.

Feelings tear me apart, they are a legion, fighting to come true.

Like a marble my life is rolling into the center of my path in life.

Tears falling, sometimes I feel I’ve lived a lifetime, using my last strength to try to accomplish my task on earth.

I am so tired of life, it’s so tempting to lie down and just sleep, like Sleeping Beauty for hundreds of years.

Dream about foreign places, yet they are still known in a part of me. Meeting my friends in other realms, be a part of this huge unconditional love which fills all of my body. I feel like crying, only this time it is happy, grateful good tears from the soul, a glimpse and a feeling of a distant but still a very near ray from the Universe, my soul’s home planet Sirius gives me a new hope and strength.
Life must go on, like our Milky Way forever spins around with all of the planets.

Life must evolve and lessons must be learned from a spiritual point of view. Like I have a lifetime here, for better or worse, our mother Earth is preparing to be born. To become what she is destined to be; our new home. She is going to shine ever so brightly in our Solar System. She is going to become a beautiful star, a jewel where only love can exist. And the human race will experience something we never have had here before: Peace all over our planet, and a whole new era where the new enlightened human will enter the arena. My soul is longing for this great Momento, how wonderful it must be to get answers to all of our deepest questions in life. And at last see and know for sure, we’ve never been alone in Cosmos. We only had a time out: from our brothers and sisters out there somewhere. It’s time to wake up now, think differently. Grow up and help Mother Earth to ascend to the Fifth Dimension. Pray for her and the new Golden Age for all mankind, therefore I say Carpe diem (seize the day) every second of your life. Treasure our huge gift, the life itself.

We are really loved, we just don’t remember where our souls come from.

Credo (I believe)


~ indigochild Khara

A Party of Friends

Once, in a dream, I saw this long, rough wooden table decorated for some special occasion, standing in an open field somewhere in an enchanted forest. When I walked closer I saw it was set with lovely cups and plates, candles, neatly folded napkins, beautiful flowers hand-picked from the field by my inner child. She had chosen all the flowers her heart would ever desire, because she loved to decorate for her guests. All kinds of simple yet beautiful flowers, lovingly arranged in a huge vase. I watched it all through her eyes, and she was looking around, admiring the work that she had done.

In the trees nearby hang tiny lanterns of every shape and colour, moving gently in the wind. Pine cones of all sizes lay scattered all over the table, amongst a buffet of fruits and cookies, salad, vegetables and nuts, ham and chicken, lemonade and tea to please her guests. A fire was burning to keep the mosquitoes away. On this clear night the stars shone brightly, and I saw fireflies up in the sky. She felt a soft, warm summer wind on her face, and heard it gently rustle the branches and leaves. In the distance was the sound of wolves howling.

Then the guests began to arrive: a flock of squirrels jumped onto the table, found a pile of nuts, and then climbed up in the nearest tree to feast up there; two brown bunnies with long ears found their way to the carrots on the table, and dug right in. While they were busy eating, two elegant deer stepped forward to the fruit and salad; and high up in an old oak tree an old owl sat watching over all the guests, and he sang for a while, “ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo,” before he flew out and grabbed a few insects and landed on the table to help himself at the buffet.

Lastly appeared the guests of honour, two majestic wolves. They came to greet her, lay their heads in her lap while her tiny hands patted them on their heads, caressed their faces and embraced them, and she buried her face in their soft fur, her eyes were shining, and her heart sang with happiness, for they were her totems, her spirit animals.  Then she and the wolves shared the chicken and ham.

After eating they went to a little pond nearby, to drink of the fresh, cold water; she watched the beautiful water-lilies that floated silently, and gazed at a funny-looking frog who sat on a huge leaf in the middle of the pond. Later they returned to the table to enjoy the rest of the feast together with all of the other guests. She danced for a while around the fire, laughing and giggling as her little ponytail fluttered in the wind; then she sat down to drink tea and lemonade, looked at the stars and admired the magical moving curtains of the northern lights.

When the party was over, she folded her tiny hands, and said an evening prayer of gratitude before she lay down in her sleeping bag by the fire. Two cold noses kept her company and guarded her through the night, under the light of sparks rising from the fireplace.

In her sleep she was accompanied by her Appa, and she reached out her hands and said “I’ve missed you so much!”, gave him a big hug and lay her head upon his shoulder. In this peaceful, healing embrace their souls travelled to the gate of Heaven. She got a little peek inside before her Appa said “I will meet you here, when you are ready. My shining star, my beloved little girl of the land of the Morning Calm.” Before he turned to leave he kissed his daughter gently on the cheek and said  “Be brave. Remember that I never left you, and will not ever, as long as you have me in your heart.” Then he whispered a soft “Goodbye,” and like a wind he was gone.

Then the morning arrived, and as she awoke and opened her brown eyes, tiny tears fell to the ground. The wolves nudged her with their noses, her arms still clutching their fur. They licked her hands and waved their tails, and she said goodbye to them as the sun began to rise above the horizon. The morning dew disappeared off leaves and petals wherever the sunlight fell, and she happily embraced this new day because she knew now that it was full of new opportunities, and there would be new dreams too. And maybe she would once more meet her father in those dreams, and encounter other powerful, loving energies, perhaps meet her guides, her protecting angels in other realms. Deep inside she had at last reached for the stars and begun her journey to higher grounds, seeking peace, love and freedom for her soul.



Better Energies for Mother Earth

Last night I watched a movie called “Freedom Writers”, which is about a teacher in a class of troubled teenagers, who gives her students the opportunity to believe in themselves. It really moved me; many of her students had very hard lives, and tough upbringing, most of them on edge with the law, engaged in gang activities and racial conflicts.

If we could measure all the tears in the world, they would fill an ocean. And if we took all the hate, anger and bitterness in the world, it would surely be enough to fire up thunderstorms, and stir the ocean with hundred foot waves. How did the world become like this? Do we raise our young ones to hate the principle of equal rights? Are compassion and empathy antique words whose meanings have been forgotten? Why can’t people treat each other with respect and love? All the hate in the world makes me sad. Watching people having to deal with terrible issues every day, living with fear, hate and hunger.

Sure, I have problems of my own, but deep, deep down, I have this naive hope of making my life better, to turn me into a better version of myself, a fellow person and resource for my family, friends and the rest of the world. My wish is that I can reach out to people with this blog, and in some way inspire others to see hope, even in such simple yet beautiful things as a rainbow after summer rains.

That others may may be willing to look for, and able to find, the beauty in the world. Like sunsets, or quiet waves on a beach. Have you ever seen a flock of deer, crossing a mist-covered field in twilight; or a family of squirrels playing in the trees; or a hare leaping through the forest? The first snow falling before Christmas; or the Northern Lights at night, with colours and shapes shifting from moment to the next?

There is so much in this world to be happy for. We should all treasure Mother Earth, the living planet, and start protecting her by changing our thinking and come to agreement on how best to share the world, make peace with each other, and reach out to the next generation, to treat animals and other forms of life, all of Gaia, much better than we do today. And to treasure her gifts to us. If we take care of her, she will provide for us. We must only learn to share and to love each other, regardless of skin colour, religion or culture. I have in my soul this vision and dream of peace … that together on Mother Earth we can do it. Let’s all meditate to create more energies of light, happiness and love on Earth.


Inspired by: “Freedom Writers”, a true story (book published 1999, film published 2007).

My Wolf

The rain is pouring down, its cold and windy. Tears are coming endlessly, they dont show but my soul wants to be howling like the wolves in the deepest forests. Run with them, be free and see Mother Earth as they do. Experience the seasons with them, see the nature, see the mountains, the forests, the valleys, the rivers, and drink the cold, fresh water.

See the footprints in the snow, see the herd moving and become many, sit with them at the fire and get wolf kisses, cuddle them and meet you, my friend. My totem, my own dear loving Wolf. I saw you once in meditation, my heart began to cry, so beautiful it was to meet you. You touched my heart with your paw, in winter I saw your flock come running down hill, so nice and beautiful. Under the sun, my meditation ended with a picture of your footprint 🙂 Let us meet once again soon.


My prayer to the world

Why is it that when in hard times my soul finds its most honest state of mind, then my soul really speaks out, cries out for all the unhappiness in the world, all of the wars going on, all of the tragedies that exists on this earth. What we are doing to Mother Earth is horrible, we have her only on a loan, we are visitors from the stars. We need to take better care of you, or else the next generation have no chance to survive. Why don’t we hear Gaia scream in this time that we are in? We are contaminating the Earth and the sky above her, please hear her prayer of help everyone, because we are one. We are all created of one God. He is the same in all of the world’s religions. When are the people of the world going to understand this?


(Also posted on my Alternative page.)

An Old Friend

Wish I could ride upon a dolphin on the sea all day long, when the evening came I could reach the stars in my heart. We could swim together in the moonlight, and find that enchanted place which is forgotten, but not gone. Find all the happiness in the world, you and me. I could find the selfless and unconditional love that my soul has been longing for too long. Tears keep coming when I see you. It is as you’ve always been my friends for ever. Something has been awakened.

At daytime when the rainbow came we could swim through it, and we could even fly upon it and slide down again. We go to places that our souls know, to Sirius where my soul belongs. I wish I could be floating on a cloud and have a peek through it, and jump back again on your back, my friend. You are truly one of the most precious gifts to man from the Stars.

I will always treasure you in my heart,


I saw dolphins face to face for the first time on vacation to Tenerife in 2004, and again in Sea World, Florida, in 2011. Both times I fell completely in love; they touch upon something deep within my soul, and seeing and touching them is like reaching into the very spirits of the world.

(Also posted on my Alternative page.)