The truth about Holt and their adoption practice, from the hand of Bertha Holt herself. How they used their Christian influence on birth mothers to talk them into giving up their children to adoption, yet their initial principle of only adopting children to Christian adoptive parents was easily thrown aside when they ran out of Christian adoptive parents in 1964, in order to continue with the adoptions anyway. Big thanks to for this summary of Bertha Holt’s memoirs.


1954-1955 Discovering Amerasian Children
1956 “Having Trouble Finding Little Ones”
1957-1958 “Swamped” with Requests for Children
1959 Counseling More Mothers
1960-1964 “House Slaves?”
For the Love of Children
How are the Mothers Today?

1954-1955: Discovering Amerasian Children

Bertha Marian Holt was born in 1905 to Clifford and Eva Holt. She married Harry Holt, a first cousin (Mark Baker, 2006), on December 31, 1927 and eventually they had six children together. In 1954, Harry and Bertha Holt were convinced that God had sent them on a mission to obtain and raise eight South Korean-born Amerasian (American-Korean or mixed-race) children, in addition to the Holts own. (p. 4 & 8) By Autumn of 1955, hundreds of fellow Americans visited the Holt farm in Oregon each week “begging” for a child. The public’s main interest was to “see what the children look like” since they, too, were considering adoption. (p. 9) There was…

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