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An Old Friend

Wish I could ride upon a dolphin on the sea all day long, when the evening came I could reach the stars in my heart. We could swim together in the moonlight, and find that enchanted place which is forgotten, but not gone. Find all the happiness in the world, you and me. I could find the selfless and unconditional love that my soul has been longing for too long. Tears keep coming when I see you. It is as you’ve always been my friends for ever. Something has been awakened.

At daytime when the rainbow came we could swim through it, and we could even fly upon it and slide down again. We go to places that our souls know, to Sirius where my soul belongs. I wish I could be floating on a cloud and have a peek through it, and jump back again on your back, my friend. You are truly one of the most precious gifts to man from the Stars.

I will always treasure you in my heart,


My prayer to the world

Why is it that when in hard times my soul finds its most honest state of mind, then my soul really speaks out, cries out for all the unhappiness in the world, all of the wars going on, all of the tragedies that exists on this earth. What we are doing to Mother Earth is horrible, we have her only on a loan, we are visitors from the stars. We need to take better care of you, or else the next generation have no chance to survive. Why don’t we hear Gaia scream in this time that we are in? We are contaminating the Earth and the sky above her, please hear her prayer of help everyone, because we are one. We are all created of one God. He is the same in all of the world’s religions. When are the people of the world going to understand this?


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