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Thoughts of a Proud Era

Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong century. I’ve always admired the native Americans of old, their freedom and their knowledge of nature. I can only imagine how it was to really feel that freedom, to sit on horseback, feel the wind in the hair and just ride across enourmous fields, and shouting at the wind, chase a giant herd of bison, aim with my bow and arrow and, boom, there’s food for a month! 🙂

Or sit quietly by a creek in the evening, look at the first stars emerging in the sky, the glow of the campfire, and dream of the spirit world; speak to the tribe’s Shaman, learn of his wisdom, feel connected with the spirits and be close to nature; listen to the sounds around me, the quiet trickle of the creek, maybe a faint breeze through the grass; try my luck at fishing, and listen to the horses neighing in the corral, the crackling fire and people speaking in low voices. Children laughing and playing while dinner is being made,  meat cooking on the fire. The smells of food mixing with scents of grass and wild flowers, and those smells again mixing with that of freshly carved bison skins, blankets that which will keep us warm in winter.

Then all are gathered around the fire eating, drinking, laughing, and there exist no boundaries. They are people of Nature, of Mother Earth. They dance and give thanks to the spirits of nature and of their ancestors for helping them in their daily life. They honour the elders, and live in harmony with nature, taking only what’s needed, and had great respect for each other, men and women.

I love the movie “Dances With Wolves” with Kevin Costner. It tells a wonderful, heartbreaking story and it goes straight to my soul every time I watch it. The end is tragic, marking the end of the free life for many native Americans, a proud people with a great cultural heritage now gone forever. Some Indian reservations exist, but the freedom of the huge prairie is gone. It’s terribly moving when the shaman asks the Lieutenant, “How many white men will come?”, and the Lieutenant answers, “As many as the stars above”. The white man’s coming marked the end of the native Americans as we know them from the old history books. So sad. I wish I could talk to a Shaman one day, to have even just a small share of his wisdom. That would have been a truly great experience; a dream come true.

The Ten Commandments of the Native Americans:

  1. Treat the Earth and all that dwells therein with respect.
  2. Remain close to the Great Spirit.
  3. Show great respect to your fellow beings.
  4. Work together for the benefit of all mankind.
  5. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
  6. Do what you know to be right.
  7. Look after the well-being of mind and body.
  8. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good.
  9. Be truthful and honest at all times.
  10. Take full responsibility for your actions.

I think these commandments are truly beautiful. The world should live by these rules even today, in 2012.

Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.
— Chief Seattle, 1854


Pathfinder Khara 🙂

My Diamonds

Precious memories in my heart.

When our first daughter was a baby, our cat was very protective of her. Sometimes when she had fallen asleep for the night, the cat would jump into the crib, lie down at her feet and guard her for a long time. Ever since, she has been very fond of all kinds of animals. She’d catch frogs, toads, butterflies, lizards, even snakes (with a stick), chickens, mice and grasshoppers, to name only a few. I often screamed when she came home with an animals like that and held them up for me to see. She certainly didn’t get that habit from my genes; we can thank her father for that 😉

Our second daughter was ever so proud of herself the first time she managed to stand up all by herself. I remember how her face just brightened up in the biggest smile ever! How proud she was, and I looked at her and was the proudest mother in the world. She is the deep thinker, the philosopher in the family. She loves food, when it’s the right kind, and she just adores music.

And they both grow up so fast, much too fast. They’re both quite artistic; they love to draw, and listen to all kinds of music, even songs that I like 🙂 They are both my diamonds in life. I am so proud of them; they are kind both to people and to animals, and to the world. Their generation must use the strongest tool ever in this world, the great energy of love, to make a better world for Mankind. They will inherit the great task of creating peace. Let us all give all children of the World the power of love.


Fishing and Friendship

Fishing is one of my favourite pastimes. I love to feel the soft wind in my face, to see the sun and hear the waves splash against the shore. I love the peace and the quiet moments when I sit on a rock with my fishing rod, and just throw the fishing line out to sea. Not knowing, will I catch a fish? how big and what sort of a fish will I get? Feel that inner roar of happiness when the fishing rod bends to the weight of a biting fish. Then I reel my catch nearer and nearer to my rock, and I instantly see what kind of fish it is.

To experience the hunter inside me is healing for my soul, to be one with Nature, the Sea, and I have always treasured it. I have told many a secret to the sea, good ones and bad. The waves have listened, they’ve seen my smile, my tears, my despair, heard my laughter and my cries, and seen my grief.

I had a good friend, many years ago now; the most loveable dog you could ever imagine. She would always follow me to the beach, stood by my side, comforted me when I was sad, and shared lots of happiness, love and affection in happy times. Dear friend; I remember especially that one time when you and I were out in a little boat not far from land. It was cold, and you were freezing, so I rowed up to the pier and let you ashore. Then I rowed back out again, but you did not go home; no, you would wait for me. So I did not stay out in the boat too long. You were so happy when I came back in, and you knew the way home. You would run fast for a bit, but always kept an eye on me to see if I was following, and stopped if I fell behind.

You were my faithful companion for as long as you lived. Rest in peace my friend 🙂

Dandelion Dreams

On painful days I would slip away to a quiet, solitary little world of my own; down at the beach with a piece of string and a handful of blue oysters for bait, fishing for the little crabs at the bottom. Catch and release.

When the tears, sorrow and anger rip through the soul
Hurting and disgusted
Missing that Off–button
To stop the emotions that come drifting
The sense of being helpless and trapped
Hate it! Want to forget!
All that which my inner child had to suffer
The insecurity, the fear, the sense of being a burden, unwanted

Hope, like a dandelion seed on the wind, destination unknown
Of finding that happy life, full of laughter and smiles
Where are you, inner enchanted world of mine?
Where did you go, little Khara?
She would laugh and rejoice in the smallest of things
Great little treasures of there and then
Study the Universe in an oyster’s shell
Seeing her mirror image in a handful of water
Watching with glee as the crab nears the oyster
Laugh with endless joy when it is caught
Then give back its freedom, to come back and get caught again

~ Khara