The death of Hyun-su: Holt in violation of adoption law!


The following is quoted from a recent blog post by TRACK (Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community of Korea), relating to the fatal beating of 3 year old Madoc Hyunsu O’Callaghan by his adoptive father, an Iraq veteran and high-ranking NSA agent, in February 2014, mere months after his adoption.

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Ministry of Health and Welfare audit on Holt
by jjtrenka on June 27, 2014

This is the report by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on the audit conducted on Holt after the death of Hyun-su. This shows how Holt has been operating in violation of the Special Adoption Law amended in 2011 and enforced in 2012.

Summary: Holt was found to be in violation of the Special Adoption Law or its enforcement decrees in the following areas:

  1. They did not search for domestic adoptive families before placing children internationally.
  2. They took children from birthfamilies before the seven-day deliberation period was over.
  3. They performed up to 28 “Child Development Evaluations” per child. Only 2-3 have to be done per year. They charged adoptive parents for this and do not have guidelines for expenditures or the international adoption fee.
  4. They did inadequate assessment of prospective adoptive parents’ ability to financially support a child.
  5. They did improper home studies/investigations of prospective adoptive parents.
  6. They made improper contracts with overseas agencies.
  7. Their post-adoption services/follow-up on adoptive children was inadequate.
  8. They continued to collect government money to support children even though the children had already been sent overseas.

This is just the introduction.
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2 thoughts on “The death of Hyun-su: Holt in violation of adoption law!

  1. My adoptive mother abused me & my sister from the time we came to states to the time we were placed into foster care. During 7th grade was when she was the most violent and unpredictable. It was at that time that I knew that she was capable of killing us. I slept with knives under my pillow and kept a metal tube from the vacuum cleaner as a way to protect myself in case she decided to kill us in our sleep. Before going to sleep I mapped out every possible escape scenario that I could that would enable me to escape and help my younger sister escape. It was the most suffocating and wretched existence knowing that I was so helpless to protect my sister yet continued to constantly look for & plan escape routes no matter where we were. My dreams were filled with blood and violence and running through impossible mazes trying to escape a horrible and frightening death. Hyunsu could have been me & my sister. This is the truth that no-one wants to hear. And people, my family included, wonder why I prefer to stay home instead of going to the crowded malls or big social events.

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