Broken Lines

A portrait of Joe Soll, an adoptee, who has been a great help and inspiration for me, both personally and through his books. This ten minute video is by the MediaStorm Storytelling Workshop.

Joe Soll never met his natural parents. Raised by upper-middle class New Yorkers, he spent half of his life tormented by the death of his mother. But then one day, that story suddenly began to unravel.

“I felt crazed,” he said. “I didn’t know what to do with it.”

What followed was a three decade search for the truth and a mystery that would haunt him for years. Through almost unbearable personal pain, Joe has devoted his life to a single question, where did I come from? The quest for that answer has redefined him, setting Joe on a mission to help others.

(Click the picture to open the ten minute video in a new window)


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