More truth about Korean overseas adoption for profit

I recommend reading this insightful article by Kim Do-hyun in The Korean Times, about Korea’s adoption-for-profit practices through the years.

Overseas adoption: child welfare or abuse?

A passage from the article:

«According to these statistics, through overseas adoption, we sent away the mixed-race children, the children of unwed mothers, disabled children, and the children of broken families. That is why I define Korea’s overseas adoption as a kind of “systematic social segregation.” Of course, as a member of Korean society, I am also complicit in this massive “systematic social segregation project.”»

And further:

«First, overseas adoption is a kind of child abuse by the state. Second, the overseas adoption policy of the government was likely a part of its economic development strategy, which means the overseas adoptees have been used as part of a project to create wealth and prosperity for the rest of the South Koreans.»

The more I read about adoption, the more I feel—in addition to the loss of my original life, childhood and family, and having grown up in a home with abusive adoptive parents—that I have been, and still am deep inside, a piece of merchandise, torn away from the life I was born into and thrown away into a future uncertain, in order to make someone else a little richer, namely the Holt agency and the state of Korea.

In other words, I and all other overseas adopted children, have been treated as objects that could be bought and sold, rather than human beings, pretty much the same way as slaves, or prostitutes.

This feeling has been gnawing on my soul ever since as a child I was old enough to grasp the concept of being adopted, but it is only recently, in the last few years, that I have been able to identify it as such.

I am a person, not an object!



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