Shades of Grey

My blog has become my baby, a way for my Inner Child to speak up. Many feelings find their way to the surface. Apparently some who read my blog also get their feelings stirred up, feel insulted, and get angry about things that I’ve written.

Why bother reading my blog if it insults you? All adoptees have their own life experiences. I write from my own point of view, getting some release for old, sore feelings on my path to healing. I wonder why someone who doesn’t even know me, will lash out and complain about how I haven’t taken this or that into consideration in my posts, such as the Catholic church, and how awful life was growing up in foster care or as an adoptee in a Catholic family, or any other kind of Christian society, or any number of various hardships.

I am fully aware that there are many out there who carry painful experiences, and that there are many issues to disagree about. In fact, many people make an issue out of disagreeing. There are the eternal quarrels between happy adoptees and angry adoptees. Some really mean that their adoptive parents are their salvation. Some mean that we don’t have to choose between the adoptive family and the natural family. Still others like myself have lived through a hell, and grown from there.

There are thousands of shades of grey out there, and my blog is not a place to vent on behalf of everyone. This is my place, my life, my experiences, my feelings. I speak for myself. If you feel that I don’t say enough about things that matter to you on my blog, I encourage you to start making one yourself. There you can write about your own special journey, share your anger and frustrations, and tell the world your opinion about everything that matters to you. Don’t expect anyone else to write it for you.

Be creative and do this for yourself. I’m not interested in filling my blog with discussions that take me nowhere. I need to speak for myself, not for everybody else. The About section says what my blog is about. If you haven’t read that before you comment negatively, please do, and please don’t feel offended. This blog shows my point of view. I’d love to see yours, too.

And while it is nice to get feedback, angry complaints are annoying and draining. I am already emotionally drained, and I don’t need more weight to add to that burden. It may be naive to think that my reasons for writing my story would be good enough for everyone, without getting all kinds of aggressive, unpleasant come-backs from complete strangers. I know that sometimes I write about controversial stuff. That is my right in this little haven of mine. I have chosen to do this openly, allowing others to see where I stand. Maybe some will find that we have something in common, and perhaps feel a little less alone with their own struggles. The response I have gotten so far tells me that I’ve succeeded with that.

I thank all of you who have brought a spark to my life 🙂

Namasté to all on our different paths to peace.

~ Khara

4 thoughts on “Shades of Grey

  1. This is a great and necessary post which hopefully will be read by all those who love to complain when we don’t write their story or ours they way they’d like to see it! Funny how so few of those complainers ever get up the courage to write their own blogs! Keep up the good work, I’ll be right here reading every word.

    • This post I have been thinking about for a long time now:) It just popped out yesterday, atlast. Maybe I can drink my tea now and dont get choked by it in the mornings, by reading some very rude comments:)

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