Say it again

When I look through my blog posts, I notice that there are several things that tend to be mentioned over and over. I write about my own life, as a method of self-therapy and “exorcising my demons”. During this process I try to view myself and my history from different angles. Naturally, since I am only one person and have lived only one life, some of those angles tend to intersect and overlap.

Also, when I sit down to write, I write each blog post separately, so that as much as possible it can stand by itself, and not require that a reader jump back and forth between posts in order to understand the whole picture of just one.

And lastly, because I write about memories and emotions, some of them quite painful, it sometimes takes more than one time to deal with them (if indeed they can ever truly be “dealt with”).

As a consequence, some aspects of my blog, if viewed as a whole, may tend to be a little repetitive. Thank you, everyone who read this, for understanding, and for having patience with me.

~ Khara


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