This Momento – Pax vobiscum (Peace be with you)

This moment my soul wants to fly far, far away on the wind home, and it is longing and hoping to find its star family.

Feelings tear me apart, they are a legion, fighting to come true.

Like a marble my life is rolling into the center of my path in life.

Tears falling, sometimes I feel I’ve lived a lifetime, using my last strength to try to accomplish my task on earth.

I am so tired of life, it’s so tempting to lie down and just sleep, like Sleeping Beauty for hundreds of years.

Dream about foreign places, yet they are still known in a part of me. Meeting my friends in other realms, be a part of this huge unconditional love which fills all of my body. I feel like crying, only this time it is happy, grateful good tears from the soul, a glimpse and a feeling of a distant but still a very near ray from the Universe, my soul’s home planet Sirius gives me a new hope and strength.
Life must go on, like our Milky Way forever spins around with all of the planets.

Life must evolve and lessons must be learned from a spiritual point of view. Like I have a lifetime here, for better or worse, our mother Earth is preparing to be born. To become what she is destined to be; our new home. She is going to shine ever so brightly in our Solar System. She is going to become a beautiful star, a jewel where only love can exist. And the human race will experience something we never have had here before: Peace all over our planet, and a whole new era where the new enlightened human will enter the arena. My soul is longing for this great Momento, how wonderful it must be to get answers to all of our deepest questions in life. And at last see and know for sure, we’ve never been alone in Cosmos. We only had a time out: from our brothers and sisters out there somewhere. It’s time to wake up now, think differently. Grow up and help Mother Earth to ascend to the Fifth Dimension. Pray for her and the new Golden Age for all mankind, therefore I say Carpe diem (seize the day) every second of your life. Treasure our huge gift, the life itself.

We are really loved, we just don’t remember where our souls come from.

Credo (I believe)


~ indigochild Khara

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