Better Energies for Mother Earth

Last night I watched a movie called “Freedom Writers”, which is about a teacher in a class of troubled teenagers, who gives her students the opportunity to believe in themselves. It really moved me; many of her students had very hard lives, and tough upbringing, most of them on edge with the law, engaged in gang activities and racial conflicts.

If we could measure all the tears in the world, they would fill an ocean. And if we took all the hate, anger and bitterness in the world, it would surely be enough to fire up thunderstorms, and stir the ocean with hundred foot waves. How did the world become like this? Do we raise our young ones to hate the principle of equal rights? Are compassion and empathy antique words whose meanings have been forgotten? Why can’t people treat each other with respect and love? All the hate in the world makes me sad. Watching people having to deal with terrible issues every day, living with fear, hate and hunger.

Sure, I have problems of my own, but deep, deep down, I have this naive hope of making my life better, to turn me into a better version of myself, a fellow person and resource for my family, friends and the rest of the world. My wish is that I can reach out to people with this blog, and in some way inspire others to see hope, even in such simple yet beautiful things as a rainbow after summer rains.

That others may may be willing to look for, and able to find, the beauty in the world. Like sunsets, or quiet waves on a beach. Have you ever seen a flock of deer, crossing a mist-covered field in twilight; or a family of squirrels playing in the trees; or a hare leaping through the forest? The first snow falling before Christmas; or the Northern Lights at night, with colours and shapes shifting from moment to the next?

There is so much in this world to be happy for. We should all treasure Mother Earth, the living planet, and start protecting her by changing our thinking and come to agreement on how best to share the world, make peace with each other, and reach out to the next generation, to treat animals and other forms of life, all of Gaia, much better than we do today. And to treasure her gifts to us. If we take care of her, she will provide for us. We must only learn to share and to love each other, regardless of skin colour, religion or culture. I have in my soul this vision and dream of peace … that together on Mother Earth we can do it. Let’s all meditate to create more energies of light, happiness and love on Earth.


Inspired by: “Freedom Writers”, a true story (book published 1999, film published 2007).

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