My Diamonds

Precious memories in my heart.

When our first daughter was a baby, our cat was very protective of her. Sometimes when she had fallen asleep for the night, the cat would jump into the crib, lie down at her feet and guard her for a long time. Ever since, she has been very fond of all kinds of animals. She’d catch frogs, toads, butterflies, lizards, even snakes (with a stick), chickens, mice and grasshoppers, to name only a few. I often screamed when she came home with an animals like that and held them up for me to see. She certainly didn’t get that habit from my genes; we can thank her father for that 😉

Our second daughter was ever so proud of herself the first time she managed to stand up all by herself. I remember how her face just brightened up in the biggest smile ever! How proud she was, and I looked at her and was the proudest mother in the world. She is the deep thinker, the philosopher in the family. She loves food, when it’s the right kind, and she just adores music.

And they both grow up so fast, much too fast. They’re both quite artistic; they love to draw, and listen to all kinds of music, even songs that I like 🙂 They are both my diamonds in life. I am so proud of them; they are kind both to people and to animals, and to the world. Their generation must use the strongest tool ever in this world, the great energy of love, to make a better world for Mankind. They will inherit the great task of creating peace. Let us all give all children of the World the power of love.



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