A precious memory

One enchanted evening I was out playing in the snow with friends. We played hide and seek, so I found myself a huge pile of snow to hide behind, nearby a snowman we’d built earlier in the evening. We were so proud of him; on top of his head he had a hat, we gave him a carrot for the nose, made him a mouth out of potatoes; he had an old pipe to smoke and even a scarf to keep him warm.

I lay down and just stared at the big sky up there; all those stars twinkling in the perfect, clear, black night. I was especially captured by one constellation that looked just like a horse. It was amazing. So many stars so far away from me; I was fascinated, and deeply moved, because it was so beautiful. For the first time it occurred to me that there must be lots and lots of worlds out there, and no-one knew about them all. I must have been about six years old, and I was thinking that there were more stars on the sky that I could ever imagine, or count. That was a big moment for me, and I wished that it would last for ever; but after a while I heard, “Khaaraa!, I see you,” and I was found, and my precious moment was over for then.

I wish to share this one happy moment, of which there were not too many, because this one is etched into my heart and soul, and it is very precious to me. I was allowed to be a child for a moment, free of fear and struggling, sorrow and grief. I was just myself, that little girl who wanted to laugh and be happy, and experience all the goodness in the world.

The happiest moments of my childhood were always out in nature; by the sea or in the forest, because there I was free to spend time with my inner child, the one that I always wanted to be.

~ Khara


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