Feel the Rain

Feel the rain, how it dances on your head, like ideas that are tickling in your brain.

Have you ever thought about where all your grand ideas comes from? All those crazy, loveable, cute, nice, philosophical thoughts. Its like somebody has a hammer and knocks stuff into your skull, really making sure that the messages get through. Sometimes my heart flows over and I just have to write; those moments are precious to me, like rain that gives water to the earth and give life to all living things. I take a sip of my tea and philosophize over the Life’s big questions; who are we? what is our purpose? where do we go from here? will the next generation experience peace on earth?

I look out the window and rain is pouring down; I listen at the drops as they fall, making this soothing, drumming sound. I take another sip of my tea while I am thinking, but then a big fluffy tail curls around my knee, and my cat jumps right up onto my lap. I know then that my writing is done for today, and the big questions will have to wait until tomorrow. ‘Cause this cat wants all my attention, and the tiny grey ones in my head are due for a well-earned break.


~ Khara


5 thoughts on “Feel the Rain

  1. I just found your blog! I’m an adult adoptee blogger in the midst of a crazy roller coaster reunion with my first parents.

    I love the sound of rain. It calms me down like nothing else…

  2. Hi Khara, I have added your blog to my blogroll now. I’m Swedish KAD girl by the way that wrote in the Kores the other day. I don’t want to add my bloglink on Facebook… Anyways , thanks for sharing your story. I go by Elle on the blog by the way.

    • HI Elle:)
      Thanks for adding me to your blog.I will read yours soon.I wish you all the best in the world,thanks for getting to know you a little bit on FB. Good luck with your blog. Khara:)

  3. Hi Khara, I was looking for information on indigo children, and then on adoptees and came across your blog. You write beautifully and I am emotionally involved with each writing. The world of an adoptee looks different. You can try and explain why it’s different. Why you feel this way, no matter how great your life is. But words barely suffice. Unless you know. So it has been a pleasure coming across your writings. Keep going

    • A life of an Adoptee is sure different and I am so happy my blog reach also non adoptees. Thanks for commenting in here:) You are always welcome back.

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