Fishing and Friendship

Fishing is one of my favourite pastimes. I love to feel the soft wind in my face, to see the sun and hear the waves splash against the shore. I love the peace and the quiet moments when I sit on a rock with my fishing rod, and just throw the fishing line out to sea. Not knowing, will I catch a fish? how big and what sort of a fish will I get? Feel that inner roar of happiness when the fishing rod bends to the weight of a biting fish. Then I reel my catch nearer and nearer to my rock, and I instantly see what kind of fish it is.

To experience the hunter inside me is healing for my soul, to be one with Nature, the Sea, and I have always treasured it. I have told many a secret to the sea, good ones and bad. The waves have listened, they’ve seen my smile, my tears, my despair, heard my laughter and my cries, and seen my grief.

I had a good friend, many years ago now; the most loveable dog you could ever imagine. She would always follow me to the beach, stood by my side, comforted me when I was sad, and shared lots of happiness, love and affection in happy times. Dear friend; I remember especially that one time when you and I were out in a little boat not far from land. It was cold, and you were freezing, so I rowed up to the pier and let you ashore. Then I rowed back out again, but you did not go home; no, you would wait for me. So I did not stay out in the boat too long. You were so happy when I came back in, and you knew the way home. You would run fast for a bit, but always kept an eye on me to see if I was following, and stopped if I fell behind.

You were my faithful companion for as long as you lived. Rest in peace my friend 🙂

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