Kitty Love

My cat so soft and cute, she knows exactly what to do, always. She’ll lie on top of my sofa and just stare at me.

“Why do you clean up, making noises? Why cant you come and cuddle me instead? I am right here waiting for you.

“Didn’t I bring you a mouse, and a grasshopper a while ago? Its my way of showing you that I will live with you and that I appreciate how you care for me.

“But you know as I know: I am the Queen of the house. I drink the fresh water from the tap on the bathroom sink, cause only the best is good enough for me. And keep giving me lots of tuna, then I will love you forever.

“I love cheese too and I am to cute, especially in the mornings when I just lay down on my back with a soft thud on the floor and want you to cuddle me before breakfast. I am your friend for life, I don’t care how you look in the mornings; I just love my own everlasting tuna-giving friend.”


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