Aftenbønn ~ Evening Prayer

av Henrik Wergeland 

Når jeg legger meg til hvile,
tretten engler om meg står;
tvende ved min høyre side,
tvende til min venstre går,
to på vakt ved hodeputen,
to ved foten dessforuten,
to meg dekker,
to meg vekker,
en meg viser
alle himles paradiser.

I’ll attempt an amateur’s translation to English, with a little help from a friend.  We weren’t able to both translate the meaning and still make it rhyme, so here it is, without rhyme, but hopefully with the meaning intact.

Evening Prayer
by Henrik Wergeland

When I lay me down to sleep,
thirteen angels by me stand;
two  upon my right hand side,
two upon my left,
two stand watch by my pillow,
two that guard my feet,
two to tuck me,
two to wake me,
one to show me
all of Heaven’s paradise.


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