Dandelion Dreams

On painful days I would slip away to a quiet, solitary little world of my own; down at the beach with a piece of string and a handful of blue oysters for bait, fishing for the little crabs at the bottom. Catch and release.

When the tears, sorrow and anger rip through the soul
Hurting and disgusted
Missing that Off–button
To stop the emotions that come drifting
The sense of being helpless and trapped
Hate it! Want to forget!
All that which my inner child had to suffer
The insecurity, the fear, the sense of being a burden, unwanted

Hope, like a dandelion seed on the wind, destination unknown
Of finding that happy life, full of laughter and smiles
Where are you, inner enchanted world of mine?
Where did you go, little Khara?
She would laugh and rejoice in the smallest of things
Great little treasures of there and then
Study the Universe in an oyster’s shell
Seeing her mirror image in a handful of water
Watching with glee as the crab nears the oyster
Laugh with endless joy when it is caught
Then give back its freedom, to come back and get caught again

~ Khara

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